Telemundo Deportes - En Vivo App Reviews

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Blocking the final!! Really upset

My family recommended me this app to watch the World Cup games in my job and add the comment that I will need to use my cable provider in order to watch the games without interruptions. I did, and I was happy until this Sunday in the final that I didn’t get not even a minute of the game... only a blank page that reads... ‘the signal will come back soon’. Of course, the signal has not problem for the advertising commercial every time I tried to reinstall the signal. Very disappointed.

Aplicación Telemundo Mundial Rusia 2018

La aplicación de Telemundo fue impecablemente eficiente. Imagen nítida, audio perfecto, contenido sin que faltara un detalle. Verdaderamente los Felicito, es lo mejor que he visto en Aplicaciones. Gisela Serrano

Garbage app

Garbage, only worked in the begging of the World Cup.

Estoy decepcionada con esta app

En el final de la copa quise ver todo el momento del festejo y puras publicidades a cada ratos, para eso mejor verlo en la tele! Para que esta esta app entonces 🤬

Not ideal

It used to be good to watch all the games but now it only gives you 30 minutes

Worst case scenarios

-Once you signed in with provider, in the beginning of game, it signs you out. -It delays/buffers up to 4 minutes behind real time, so not live stream. -Randomly plays adds in the middle of the game, middle of a goal:( -Audio lags behind video randomly. -2 different audio feeds start playing on both iPhone and TV you are connected to. -Video definition is poor, WiFi or Cellular. -1 estrella por una aplicacion que apenas have lo que deberia, es buena para anuncios de Telemundo, pero no para futbol en vivo.

FOX Sport App is better

Telemundo plays ads before showing the feed, FOX sport app does not. Telemundo sometimes stops for no reason, FOX sport does not.

-10 starts minus10

Definitely NOT TRUSTED, if you planning to get this app DON’T, waste of time and memory, it was well recommended but with out any TV provider you will be no able to do anything so if I have a tv provider what will be the point to get the app is DUMB. I will put a -10 starts

Black screen

When I try watch a game it just shows an ad and leaves me on a black screen please fix

Works whenever it feels like working

For some reason the app is bipolar Works good one day .. stops working entirely the next and I have a cable provider and signed in Terrible

Subscription is apparently needed


Not a fan

Worst app I have ever tried. When there is a good game on don’t depend on this app.

Never Open

You have to wait long time to watch something..

Muy mala aplicación

El día que es la final no funciono para que la tienen si lo importante no funciona mal servicio de spectrum y Telemundo

Complete Garbage

Full minute ads in the middle of the World Cup matches? Biggest joke of an app and service. Absolute trash of a service provider.


La app esta super bien may buena calidad de images y sonido

Not paying for local channel

This is the dumbest thing ever. This is a local channel that you can get without having cable or you need is an antenna, now they need a subscription to watch some of the games? I ain’t paying for s#*t! So screw cable TV & screw telemundo for betraying their fans. Ustedes son una bola de pandangos y de mi no sacan ni un centavo.

Can’t get pass the adds

Really annoying.


Enpezaron a poner anuncios y la transmisión del juego no se ve y la copa casi se acaba. Mal trabajo


Si te sale cuando está viendo el partido y vuelve a entrar ya no te sale el partido salen los comerciales y después pone el partido se cargará en breve y ahí se queda

No. It should be NO STARS.

This is just bad. Bad about it, everything, but specifically. - ask for cable provider so NOT FREE - gives commercials every time before showing a black screen and that forces you to re lunch the app several, SEVERAL TIMES, and every single one a commercial is ready, but not the game you are here to see. - NOT LIVE delay about 45 sec to a minute By the way is the World Cup that I want to watch. Why does the App Store allowed this kind of things to happen.


Lo siento. Nunca puedo ver el partido. Tengo sprint y no sirve la senal. Me da una pantalla negra y nunca dan el partido. El perdio de ver muchos comienzos de partido.😡😡😡😡😡😭😭😭😭😭


Tratando de ver los partidos y no me deja , esta app no sirve al igual que los comentaristas y narradores excepto uno 😡

Black Screen

This is now the 5th time I’ve had to remove the app and re-download it because I get a black screen after watching the ads and just closing it and re-opening doesn’t fix the issue. Fix your app! Edit: Now I’ve had to delete and re-download about 12 times for this idiot app to work.

No TV for you!

Since I watch Telemundo on TV, this app will not work without a provider. So I have to pay for a service o don’t use, to watch commercials on their app? If I had a provider, I’d be watching on ESPN.

Good to worse!

It started out perfectly but once knock out rounds started it went to complete crap! I can’t use it with my direct tv subscription and it says I’m not authorized to use it. I went and got the Fox Sports app and it works perfectly!!


Stupid app wont let me see the last games on live even i have my cox cable service connected to the app. I hate it it would of been better in univision❤️

Asks for a television provider after 6mins

It lets you see 6 mins but there’s a 2 min commercials you only get to watch 3 to 4mins before being asked for a provider

No se puede mirar nada

No podemos mirar los cuartos de final! La página de queda en blanco y dice que la señal continuará en breve pero nunca llega. Yo tengo Dish y me pidieron my ID user y el password los puse entre pero de nada sirve. Lo peor que le pudo pasar a este mundial es que Telemundo lo transmite ni HD tienen los canales salen todos opacos mala calidad que lástima.


Why do you have to sign in and submit your info when you’re not going to be able to watch anything at all!;😡


It won’t allow me to watch anything. I know my daughter is watching on the app as well. Does this app not have the ability to have several people connected with one login? It’s been like that for a while week!!

It worked great until quarterfinals

After the round of 16, it started to fail. Terrible!

Don't waste your time

This app is so slow by the time you try to catch a match it's over this is while using a wifi and on actual phone provider. They can't load the soccer game but if course they'll load all the dam ads possible. It's worthless I recommend using a different app.


Is not letting me watch the semi final game and I’m connected to a cable.

No sirve

Deberían de mejorar la aplicación, yo tengo cuenta en cox y tengo toda mi información que necesito para poder acceder a la app pero aún así nos puedo acceder

Hate this app

Quiero ver los partidos en mis vacaciones y no funciona, y estoy registrada con mi cuenta de Cable

Worse application ever!!!

Very slow!! Does not login to live games!!

TV oficial del mundial, basura de aplicación

Tengo dos cuentas de TV, una con DIRECTV y otra con Comcast , desde 4ts de final no puedo ver los partidos del mundial por ninguna de las dos cuentas, para que se promocionan si no pueden ofrecer calidad en sus transmisiones, es una estafa al consumidor..

Una porqueria de app

No sirve

No sirve

Trato de ver los partidos y solo se ven puros comerciales y se corta y ya no se vuelve a reanudar

No sirve

La app no sirve entro con mi cuenta de u verse att y pongo el juego me salen los 2 comerciales y ya no sale más nada solo me dice que el programa se reanudará en breve espero y espero y nada

Screen always goes black trying to watch a game

Everytime I try to watch a match it will always show a commercial then the screen goes blank! I have to re open the app about 20 times for one game!


Por favor arreglen el app, no se ve nada, solo sale un comercial y se queda la pantalla en negro y nos dice q el programa se reanudará pronto y nada q sale el juego.

Mal servicio

I have provider coverage but still when I want to watch the game the advertisement comes on but then a message appears the the game will resume shortly, when the game is actually on Tengo mi proveedor registrado pero cuando quiero ver el juego aparece el comercial y luego un mensaje diciendo que el va a regresar pronto cuando empiece el juego, aunque el juego ya está en curso

Bad app

Well everything was looking good at first. But Now they are asking for a TV provider... What a way to lose viewers. Should have just left it the way it was. #univisionforever

No sirve

Lo dañaron pero en el canal 5 local en NY lo pueden ver nítido, mucho mejor que Telemundo no olviden canal 5

Useless without a cable subscription!

Don’t bother. Guess the phrase “nothing in life is free” is true when it comes to apps. Unable to watch World Cup game without a cable subscription. I chose my Hulu account but I have to pay $39.99 for Live TV package; they have a 30 day Free trial, but I’m so upset that they want to charge for something I could watch live with adds over a regular tv. Yeah, not today Satan...I mean, Telemundo. 😒 keep your app!! Oh, and the 30 “free mins” aren’t even enough to watch HALF of a soccer game! Deleted this useless app.

watching w/o cable provider

at first it was great it let me watch all the world cup games and it was awesome but then u have to login in with your cable provider and it does not let me login in😐 i even deleted. and reinstalled the app cuz i thought that it would let me watch the 90 min hames again but it didn't. PLEASE fix this ASAP before the world cup ends or ama delete the app and give it a 1 rating, thank you.

Gracias Telemundo

Gracias Telemundo, este año la copa del mundo a sido uno experiencia única, no sólo por ver a Perú por primera vez en 36 años participar pero también por la manera como están transmitiendo todos los partidos. Me a tocado ver la copa del mundo en otros canales anteriormente pero ustedes de verdad están otro nivel. Muchas gracias.

Worked great at first but...

I downloaded this app at the beginning of the Wold Cup. I logged in with my Verizon Fios account and everything was great.... last week I could NOT WATCH A SINGLE GAME!!! I was so so frustrated!!! I would open the app, the commercial would play and then the screen would go black... I tried on my iPhone, my iPad mini, my iPad. With WiFi without WiFi... NOTHING! So frustrating and I want to be able to watch the upcoming games this week. TELEMUNDO DEPORTES APP DO BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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